Lions sports kick off

Lions sports kick off for fall semester

In conjunction with the start of a new school year, the Cape Christian athletic program also has begun a new year with some noted changes.

This year Prodigy Leadership Academy joined Cape Christian for a combined team. With both schools having numbers that would limit their participation, the teams will participate under the Cape Christian name but all schools we compete against are aware of the cooperative effort.

Volleyball and cross country began their season with the start of school and have encountered significant success. The number of students has grown as well from a starting squad size of nine to a larger group of 13 or more.

The season has also been extended as coach Mrs. Victoria Rust has located additional events, making Cape Christian’s schedule the largest of any school of our size in the area.

Several student athletes place in many different events in the area. Cape Christian hosted two of those events at the Cape Girardeau Osage Center, the site of the Ohio Valley Conference championships for 2018.

Volleyball conducted its season under the leadership of Mrs. Andrea Thomason and Mrs. Lisa Kuper. The squad played a schedule for A, B and C teams. The Lions had a great season with all three teams showing improved performance leading directly to an impressive won-loss record. Having many underclass athletes indicated continued success for the future.


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