Academics soar

Cape Christian continues use of Formal Assessments

The continued and expanded use of formal assessments in all classes and grades has been strengthened and improved in order to keep parents and others informed as to the learning and performance of the students.

Formal assessments allow parents to see what a student has developed the ability to do and where he or she has a weakness. This helps both teacher and parent to improve that performance easily. For teachers it shows whether the student has mastered the concepts taught. If mastered, we can move on. If not, teachers know to reteach or continue with instruction and additional practice.

The assessments tell parents what the student has shown the ability to do and where he or she is weak. This allows parents to stress and strengthen their efforts at home as they stay involved with their child’s education.

These assessments keep everyone on the same page as we strive to grow the student academic performance.


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